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believe in yourself. be patient. >> dana: speaking of dreams you had a dreams of my five that you haven't done this week. >> greg: i'll do it tomorrow. running out of time. way to ruin the welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg. our top story, mitt romney's garbage man doesn't like him. this is important. i'm not joking. this is my job. and on the eve of the first presidential debate, ben afflec finally breaks his silence to tell us what he thinks of the two candidates. a "red eye" exclusive that we got ourselves. and the uk bans a kid from attending a protest. >> thanks, andy. >> ubecha. i have nothing to say. i am glad. she is so hot she is mistaken often for a tea
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kettle. i am here with jedediah bila. look at her smile. and if hilarity was a fishing boat he woulds teaming with crabs. please be offended is now available on netflix. i urge you to purchase it immediately. and in norway she considered a throw pillow. my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if thoughtful commentary was a whistle, blown men in stripes would blow him on a football field. itthe john gibson show. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> yes, it is, my friends. does he not show affection to those in trash collection? well, a labor union that backs barack obama has released an attack ad featuring a sanitation worker who picks up mitt romney's tbar beg. mor -- romney's garbage. the mormon garbage, i might ad. roll tape, tape rollers.
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>> my name is richard hayes and i pick up mitt romney's trash. >> we will call it the invisible people. >> it is a big health issue not picking up trash. residents do come out shaking their hands and sometimes they give us hugs and thank us for the job we are doing and hand us waters and gatorades and keep up the good work. picking up 15, 16 tons by hand, that takes a toll on your body. when i am 55, 60 years old, i know my body will be there. mitt romney doesn't care about that. >> my job is not to worry about those people. >> romney's campaign responded by saying, he is right. no, actually a spokesman
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replied, "it is not surprising a liberal special interest group is trying to distract from president obama's failed agenda with dishonest, political attacks." i think that was actually written for just about every response. you send that thing out. meanwhile, is the prospect of obama winning a second term giving kitten nightmares? i don't see that kitten hugging any garbage men. what kind of kitten is that? it is a monster kitten. jedediah, try to control yourself. when you played the ad with the garbage man, you were nodding your head in agreement. that surprised me. >> who hugs their garbage man? other than you, of course. and it is not just a garbage man. they have follow-up video with a local fireman and then another lady who picks up the trash in the neighborhood.
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if they were going to pull the class warfare nonsense they should have been more creative than this. no one hands garbage to their -- gatorade to their garbage man. >> you pick up trash nightly. >> and i hug my garbage n ma, but only -- garbage man, but only from the back. you never want your garbage man reporting. >> that is so true. i always wonder about that, about like what happens -- if somebody doesn't like you, they can go through your trash and -- >> i am so pair -- paranoid i rip them in half and put one in this and one in that. >> thinking they can't put it together. >> i tear it in half and put it in the trash. >> i can pick it up and put it together like an easy jigsaw puzzle. >> i am going to get a shredder. >> mr. gibson, always a pleasure to see you. >> you know what i like about this video?
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this goi claims he is the invisible people. if you want to be visible. perhaps you shouldn't take a job that requires you to pick up garbage in the middle of the night. be a rocket -- rocquette. what do you make of this strategy? >> it is an old phrase -- this is an old phrase. we are actually -- our presidential requirement is you give them gator add -- gatoraden and this seems to me they sunk to the absurd level. >> it is amazing. >> do you ever get picked up by sanitation workers ? >> well, you know, if he finds them in the trash he has a good job. >> did you see that skyline? that looked like the end of "gone with the wind." that was the most purplish purple and yellowish yellow.
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garbage men deserve hugs and they will not get them from me. mitt romney has gotten an amazing zip code and i wish i could be a garbage man there. >> a fun fact. mitt worked as a garbage man when he was a governor. he went and did one day a week in a different job. i think he worked in like a bakery, and then he worked in garbage. >> i don't know if that was the best rebuttal. i went to slum camp and pretended to be like you for a day. >> he actually shouldn't have responded at all. the whole point of the left is phony compassion. if they cared about garbage men why did they leach trash everywhere? they didn't care that it cost millions of dollars to clean up los angeles and who had to clean it up? dwar beg men. it is all bs. >> this sounds to me like a case of political carpet bagging. imagine the opposite occurred. i pick up mitt romney's
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garbage and every day he comes out and hugs me. like that would lose the election. he doesn't hug me or he hugs me every day. no way for mitt romney to win. >> or even if he was mildly friendly, he tries to hard. he is trying to be cool. he is trying to be one of the people. >> he thinks he is cooler than i am. he is talking down to me. he thinks i can't afford my own gatorade. it would have been that whole thing. >> he comes out with garbage and throws it at me. put it in the truck. that's what i do. >> stick with this garbage analogy, isn't mitt suffering from a mess he made himself? if he hadn't said that 47% line they never would have come up with the campaign and never would have used the quote against him. >> i think they have come up with it anyway. >> but they used the quote over and over and over in ways that are effective even if they are unfair. this just seems to be in the ridiculous zone. we are now criticizing mitt because he doesn't come out in the morning and say, here is a
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water. how about a hug? i have been waiting for you. why are you late? >> and you have to admit, the garbage man was used. that was an exploy tive ad. >> how many of us has not looked at the gal we are with and say, yeah, i'll tell you, and then you forget. >> wait a second. i don't think he was used. that is a garbage man that got to be on tv nationally. and a better time than we are on. that is the luckiest of garbage men. >> he was offered a job with the dnc. >> from garbage to more garbage, hollywood has a message for the youth of america. it is gurg, blag, glurg. but stars lead by leo dicaprio want them to use social media to say what issues are important to them. they made a psa called vote for stuff and used the number four instead of spelling it out. >> it is an election year. >> time to vote. >> you could vote for anything in the world.
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>> anything at all. >> absolutely anything. >> anything? >> anything at all. >> anything i want? >> anything. >> come on, anything. >> like think outside the box. >> what would it be? >> gays in the military exclusively. >> dogs would pick up my poop with a plastic bag. see how they like it. >> i vote if you talk about your baby -- >> it has to be a really good story, a really, really good one. >> i vote yes on cats. they are up to something, but i like them. >> vote to keep tigers out of schools. >> i vote yes to anything zach efron says. >> rock the vote. should i say rock the vote? where is rihanna. >> you can't vote for most of that stuff. it is kind of ridiculous. >> obviously you can't vote for most of that stuff. >> there is a simple way to have a voice on a lot of important issues. >> what is important to you in the upcoming election. >> jobs. >> marriage equality. >> foreign policy. >> women's reproductive
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rights. >> immigration. >> taxes,. >> we should pay teachers, really pay them. >> better education. >> here is what we want you to do. in 30 seconds or less, make a video telling us what is important to you. >> and we'll make uh star. just kidding. >> some of your tweets, pictures, videos. >> will be incorporated. >> knock us out and we will put if it in. >> go to facebook dosh. >> and vote for stuff in 2012. >> if you are rihanna, you can get under my umbrella. >> he is hilarious. it is like they are speaking to me as if i was a 14-year-old at a skate park. how important is it speak to young voters in a language they understand. >> i am thinking of suing because it reminds me of the campaign i put out in support of snuff films. vote for snuff, lol. i am glad we got to watch the
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entire thing. who edits things? just let it play. >> we watched two minutes of crap.the psaas some of your favorite actors. there is serena efron 1k3* zach gom. i kn you follow them. did it hit home withou? >> iteems silly to me. other than, the subtext o the whole obama campaign is ebt cards.f. stuff li free phones. stuff like extended wants.oyment which i know bill l kinds of stuff. i think they are tipping their hand a little too much. >> it is funny stuff. >> andn of course they go through the litny of requests, climate ce, reproductive rits. need to payeachers more. we don't pay teachers at all. >> and ty want bipartisan
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nversation. ant toee what happens wh all of the people who write in and to suort the nra. and as far as the teachers not following the chi, teachers are ming, that's a gd salary. jah hill is not funny. >> he's all right. i don't think i would want to hang out with him. i el like he whinesore than he jokes in real life. andd le anning, but the venom that republicansh sow every time these guys are on the screen, at is what i am startinget confused by. it is not like youre is like are you star spurned lovers. the venom of the cam does not match the cmpaign. this wa all really -- >> what are we doing ltening leonao dicaprio? >> name? the guy wi the hat? why would anybody listen him abt what is important
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that' why there was 4 instead of f-o-r. was for the youngsters, and notor us. >> election day is the first wednesin novbe and then everything will be fine. that's a lame defense if they are putting something t there, make f oft, pecially when it is lame. to say, oh, i - if it bothers me a i am obsesth it, i. >> i was going to say, it reminds me of the book i am working on called diversity of opinion, semicon, reay? ha is annoying about that commeral ii like all of those guys. i like them. but it is ch prectable i'd logical grouping. it isisthere w a little other thinking mixed . i have no problem with th sayinget out and vote. but you don't have to tell m all ofhe thingon the same si on tre is nothing -- the a strong dense.would go, wow, they didn't y that >> i noticed theyidn't put
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clint easood in there. >> tracking to a chair shouldn'be madef. >> they c across a sm no matter what they do. they d't know anytng they are stupid. they dn't know [bleep]. >> the reason they do, they opt politics and its plastic surgeryor their brn. i use that earlier and i want to use itin. fr ingrates to debates, it in thest here, the most history of debates. we haveeam cerage. for a preview let's go to our political correspondents, con and eggs. d e? >>elicioussual, boys. for aitional commentary we turn to benfflec. whileromoting his n film,
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it is acr utters, quote, i voted for obama last te, bo be l ople, and now he has a record that makes it different. i ha moreomplicated feelings. that was they said of the $5 million that nfl players, owners andnats received three times. and f the team owners favor romney. let's take a look at bacon and eggs still in heated debat while weve ha our own discussion jim, you base yr life on ben affleck's teachings.espect him anyan who slept with jennifer lopez andnienfer garner, i want to hear everythi i have nothing to teacrsnd him. >> i wouldn't putsch too m stock into tat who cares what they say? >> any debat predictions >> it will just be between the
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two of them. well de. j you think the nfl is overelmingly republican or ric old the owns ? guys? >> they are n just rich old white guys. there are lot rich yng black guys in thatport. want to hearromflney. ayers anymore thai want to actom anybody. >> no. >> well, somebodydl mily, at leas mildly informed. what is you predictio for tomoow, any? >>ee if obama gets upset at beions. >> jediah? >> i think oba defensive. i thins going to feel attacked a little bit. ink mitt romney will be tougher than we expect him be. ifou remember back in the hillary d hillary and obama, when he gets asked tough questions he does not li it. yocan see arrogance come out, and it is n a likab trt. i am hoping mitt is as strong i think he wille and
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drawstween what ama says he was gng do and whe has done which is two tolly different worlds. >>his is mudslinging at its worst. >> or at its best. want to do both sid. bl, g ahead and pretend you ll wat t date. >> i might watch some highlights on the old youtube. i think the kids watch tha my favore quote from the nl owner was johnson who said he woulrather see a romney victory than anoer jets n. way to embrace your crowd there. every jets fan loved that one. and they sadly knew it was probably but he just means he believeshe country is more important than his own early personal interest. of course his team hates him now. >> the jets fans would disagree. are there any jets fans?is acce. that's whate is coming up, wcan be learned a john gson dsses his new
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memwio angel dust only at noon. but first, s checks be qued to watch chilen srts? whatever, as long as they don't take away my binoculars.
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should you be allowed to speak if it offends the sheiks?a pressor om usc, go bruins, says it is ti to look at the sech that hurts muslims. the baseball playeras suspended ter writing an anti-gay sr is face. and tolinsked why a society th considers anti-sameticslurs l the same as hatefulkt swraitio as thecharterizations. isime to have a
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nversation, i hate that. it is time to have a free speechights are being applied is speech that leads to rder deserves to be ments anyway, allf this raises the question, c hedge hogs be used as brushes? >> it is ton thee until the both eat each other. we c'tlled to hurt >>ou know h i feel about free speech. it i like what i sd to aripper,- agree with what you say, but i willretend i will to get a leas. ion.ave to keepn mind, you when muslims are rioting, is the fault of the dish cartoonist and comedyentral
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in southr the fault of muslims. it is ha to he a conversation when people are firebombin an embassy. so why don't you sp i? justehave alrdy, stop. >> boy you are in >> iisilly that s riotnly one that saidt. evertime you are insulted. you just can' >> but they will. by the way, i that tape had anything too that was all bs. >> well why is that guy sitting in jail? >> that's an slept -- excellt estion what the prossor is saying you took him in on a parol violation. he madehe computer to make the movie. while he is the let's string him up he iso n allowed to say this stuff. he is supposed to keep quiet and the por wants him
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stru up right nopele shoul'torgt guy isn jail >> i is amazing to me. andnd u preside obama, a liberal, a progressive. >> everything is obama's ulknow that. the people on topicbaf omai don't see barack obamang for the hate eech spoke against christians. if y apply that, you he to apply it to everyone, to chriia, to that's what haens. youave hypsensitivity when it comes 20 musli extremists usually. no muslims, peaceful muslims. yodon't have any sensitivity christ batd urine oes anhing elsered artistxpression. you can't have that doubl stanrd. speakingf double standards, i they outlawed hate se i would have nothing to say to yo >> the guy is in jail bec fraud. oiidence.
12:25 am
>> he svehis ti. th i a violation on the check frd. >> violated his parole. >>ouhat's why he go arrested? yr name is a lot more in theea hines afterouake an anti-muslim video. >> can't believe you a de >> i am not being in jail for that. they putlim vie. japarole violati is -- >> parole violation is brking the law. >> t guy hashe tv thing d he says wha he wants and hes defendinghis. it blows my mind. >> we pleep all-- bleep all the time >> we bleepost o what you y to save your no, that'sctuallt true. eris a concept. is aop ctic egyptian allow to criticize teople kiing his people? >> they y thy o reason isn jail >>o, that'sean. e only reason he is in jail is they
12:26 am
the movie >> but they had reasons to ja him fr things he did. >> you think that would have happened? was in headlines bause of that. >> they can jail me if they want to. >> they would figure out somethg thatouldrant that. >> he thnicallyiolated his parole. but we underand what is happenin everybody knows that's why they put him in jail, to apiece islam. >> from at i heard, h went and dubbed over it. >> if you saw the ptos how he was carried out of the house lik a armed terrorist, you adore serity on that guy, and there is something wrong with tt. >> he may actually want to be off the strt. >> of course they nt t kill
12:27 am
him. >> what is the growing population in prison? muslim >> he ll come out as a muslim >> there you glem solved. >> i additione frhe movie, and they saidy actg wasn't good enough. >> e-mail us red eye afo and if you have veo of your anim doing something not ring, click on submit a video. coming up, half time with andy levy >>ts sponsored by coconut. the sk sur under rghing the -- surrounng the large seed. thanks, coconut.
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we'reee if we got athing wrong so far let'go to andy levy. ty cool.athi thing. >> wha you have there? >> a bstu wh my face on it. >> really? ye bause i amoing on a busour. >> is that the actualou will be in? arge bus., no. l >> because you are a short >> and i will be going all over t sou florida around thanksgiving and going tupo atlanta and tennessee. >> but tre is my.
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>> i will be a the vlages. >> greg ise. getting up ear >>ep. >> it would be coo if they drped in a picture. a wofo the villages, don't know what speaking,ut do not rfere th the ely bird. >> i will ben ft lauderdale. i wille in new york city, g thing november >> i wil take the bus on the bus. >> what am i. >> do y remember that movie? the amazing- >> he was >> please d it. >> i am putting it down now.
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>>ededh, you said nody hugs or gives garbage to their garbage man? excuse me, ms. 1 >> ion't even like to hug my boyfriend. >> you have a boyfriend? wh didhappen? >> consider urself lucky. >> t is somebody who loves sara mclaughlin. >> here is something i know. here isng i kw. >> we can bleed into the next segment if it hurts your feelings. >> i don't have enough time. >> now i am really running out of time. >> by the way greg, you ggt ifhe garbage men didn't want to be invisible they should become a
12:34 am
rockette. i don't think he can do tha he could star in a political . >> but i think bng a rockte would be pretty awesome. >> it uld. we cou have that clearly not under an obama ministration. john, it is funny you thi rk eye" means you are not invisible. >> it is great. >> don'tive it t j. >> what i d want to do is i yel. >> i will make a tunnel. >> bhat has nothing to do with the b. >> bill, i'm with you. ying i was a garbage man for a day as romney wassn't
12:35 am
cut . but to be fair, it was not camp. it was journalistshat put out that tape. i don't think it was the response. jim, y said it sounds like a case of political carpet baing to you. you n't know what that means, do you? >> of urse i do. i wouldn' have wrien so many books on the subct. >> that's what surprised me. >> i wrote a 3,000-page book about carpet bagging. it is called beginsnd ends with cart bagging. >> vume one. >> it is 400 photos. me carpetag b. >> on this vote for stuff thing, i was a little surprised byomething you said on this. i thought your vote fr a snuff campaignas aboutess tobacm embarrasse donated such a lae amount of money. >> i appciate it, but we never had to have a cast party.
12:36 am
>> that's how you sve the money. john, u asked what we are doing listening to leo do dicaprio, buts -- but you are actually not the target dem for this. >> you are. >> i think you areore of a jonah hi guy. >> i like "ney ball." >> thas a good movie, actually. >> excuse me, perfect, perft, perfect thing. "mey ball" what was that about? how a te was the winning team wit the least amount of money possible. that's a conservative principal. that is sen as heroicn a motion picture, but in real life that is cold, hearted, calculated and evil. >> true and they won no championships. >> not liketeinbrenner the liberal o throwson. dar you?ot .
12:37 am
>> he is extremelyot well. greg, you said ben afflec was promoting his movie,ome piece ofrap? >> yes. >> iis aually argot a the iranian revolution reaches a boiling p. >> oh, yes. not aad mov. >>t ioks good. >> i actually commissioned a storon that topic i forgot abt that. >> you know who is in that? the gurom "oz" wasn't he matees, si or governo-- the mayor or the governor. jay he played schge ri charr, right? >> i liked the whole charact of priso >> he didn't play him, he was like the governor, the bald guy who was theovernor. he had a serbian name. >> i went to ho to goat. >>emember when we had the
12:38 am
ghost busr guy on? >> yes. >> yousked if tre are any ts fans? >> yes. >> i know of three. >> a y a jets f? >> i am more of a giants fan. usc journalism not s sure free speech. yo said go bruins? >> yes. usc on the trojans and the bruins area, and they are probably pis se d you said th. i feel likeho ever put that in the script might want you to geturt. >> i w referring to the fac thateye their coffee. they are brewins. th like to jazz it up with brew's >> the guy who had the anti-g slur, it doesn't work mlb is a privantity. they can have code he wants. and it is not like he went to wt to jail for a couple
12:39 am
games. >> i pointed thatut. >> i didn't hear it. >> i sa him writing i on a note. t lengths and i had itd to edited out. >> jim, you did pointut that welame everyone except the who were rioting. >> i lovth part of the article. says, the motives of things like thentt you sense of muims is, quote, to show muslims as irrational, vient,baric. it is a good thing there wasn't tan intolerant response. >> when you don't like a movie you should kill people in an embassy. that's a rationalay of handling it. if that was what wou haveappened after "caddie shack 2" >> poor jackie mason. >> for us for havg defendedstly, greg, you the producer o sls in i. i have to agree th all of you except
12:40 am
bill. he is in jail makinghe movie, butnly becse it put hion the radar screen d the feds are like, by making this movieyou violated your a p. that's what i said. >> i completely aee with bill on this. >> wow. you are disgug.stin sgngusti. you are disgusting. >> consiring out of anyon athe one who estions the governmens moti >> i thinksomething. >>on't say i don't have a bus. i have 12 buses. how do you think my cats get ound? >> that's a tram. a tram is dferent than a bus. >> the tram is a dferent thing as is the monorail. >> there is a bus system and a andl. i have a ver proessive apartment and i have high speed rail.
12:41 am
>> there is a tng like a sce god kno what's heoesith it. >> if the space ndle w at right angle. >> i feel like that is kind of a complime. >> it is. >> you are our very own frasier crane. >> i am de. w are you a crane. coming up, did you e have rick cs? th i text message i wasent a i am a littl concerned. why did ikea get rid of the women this theiratalogs and why does this want to me bill get on tir mailing st?
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should they thwart the washinof sport? bschoolin england whi is from attending their kids'nt uey pass ariminal recdsheck aming.
12:45 am
theolo stop potential ped files and keep strangers from accessing other parts ofhe soolhe atic id oneop afterned away from his n's rugby match,hat is rugby? i can't believe i what will they stop you going nto rent eveni? the school play? ilame obama. let's disss sha we in this -- rooooouuuunnddd. lightnround. >> john, here is wh i -- it isnwful thing,ut comaining about this? they can now spen two hrs doinsomething meaningful. theyan say i am not allod to watch your stid soccer maor rugbyecause they think i am a pedophile. >> i hav my'ockish- socr if there is somebody that shouldt there, leave it up to thearents.
12:46 am
they know who are not they will take care of it just ne. >> actually that could be its own sport. welcome them. it is like p file day. >> it is the soer vigilantm. hat's a eat idea f a w budget film. >> wt doou think? >> verynfair. if i er have kids, what, i a couple to the game because hundre mistakes? >> you are terrible. you just happen to appear like youade mistakes. >> i i automatically give people there cs. >> i think you need to grow your hair out. >> its getting gray. a loof people tell me i look younger than i am. >> i never would tell you you lo younger >> jedediah, is this paranoia run a muck? >> call me crazy, b this is grounds for barack o's >> en though it is england? >> itoesn't matter where it is.
12:47 am
>> i like theay you think. he is aan of the people. >>ou want to be global president? r matches fx the problems you no and they turned out fine. >> let me show you how it is done. what i find interesng is the parents in england are the ones withhe criminal record when indeeit is the kids. an that's only barak's america. checkmate. i think w are g to take a break on that. i think it got pretty hot. >> tt's our fore play. >> and aworried about my little bus. look is gng to aba ok, it i stoping. >> hi,. >> hi, greg. >> come back. i wi be re withy m
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japan is awesome. a newtudy fds thatnimals improvs productivity.
12:52 am
researcher cons clueded that the cute pictures made people more focused and more careful than when they lood at phot of less cute anils or pleasant looking food. will this chang your pe show route? >> no, gre en i likeo go on stage, i ke to prowlattage like a panther. in my personal life when i wa mood i look at of a cute animal. it isard to get anything that volume. could t hpwe. the econo ishould we be -- shoue pumping cute pictures to people'so it here atred eye. more people watch -- us speciay mg slackers watch "qt red eye" and see the cute kittens they would be more productive, and you would be responsibor a resurgeons inpructivity. >> instead o food we should have animal stamps.
12:53 am
stamps made from amals. jedediah,our lapto is covered th stickers of kitts. >> this is t secret of my this is all i dond look at cute animals. if people want to know how -- my koll l de, kittens and cute puppies. possible.oductivity gets >> can y imaneatts ke if i didn't look? bsitting te like a dead thing. thiss why we are doomed a a lture. ck your poison. can you imagine theneration rigy storm normandy. i tnk i can get across that no. that's why they wre better than us. we a sick, sic >> i have twoxplanations. believe ts study was under this is an omoron.
12:54 am
>> maybe it is. i just figured out this is a replacement for looking at other things. before tre was cute ani there's was horrible, gory pictures. the internet was used to look at carrashes. and then there is pornography. i have t repledlf. pornography with anythg. >> y actlly replace erythiith pornography. >> will send you an e-mail.m bu. we he to cse things out awith post game wrap up from andy levy. and to see clips of recent shows fox news.comed eye.
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look at this.
12:58 am
my bus has glasses on. isn't that cut oh never find. nowis no show tomorrow. we are bumped newschannel's coverage of th first presideial debaterom denver. aew "red eye" returns on thursday. >> andyevy, post game wrap up. >> upcoming gigs? >> october 19th. ma gd clu in vegas and then th, 27th and then the comedy club and they were going so well. a sond sh heen added on thursday. very popular in philly. >> you couldn't be more popular than i am. i am like theocky statue with no chin. >> this is the first time you promoted a gig and said that you were actually happy with ticket sales. >> i was trying to do a different tactic.
12:59 am
i a trying to get the second show thursda doou think wen ca addt? si tickets sold on far. >> there we go. thapgzth jim nor done -- that the jim norton i know. jedediah? new cumn? >> yes, on what mitt romney needs to do to win the first debate. and then fox ns busins to give how he d. >> i know i ask this time, are you on siriusxm radio? >> and it will be oreg's bus. that's on the book tour. he was listen t me. >> i think my bus will have a twitr account, gres bus. wouldn't that be great? >> lete give you a tip. dohat before the show as. if you wait there will be threer four after the show airs. >> i shouldn't h said it. how much time do we he? >> 10. >> >> yes >> 20. >> i don't know.
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